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Our New Logo

Logo features an Owl’s face and a Pen. This is because the Author/Poet of this blog writes his poetries and write ups mostly at night time.🦉❣️


The Syrian Civil wars taking a toll of Innocent lives shatters my heart into pieces…Does Political interests weigh more than a life of an Innocent? When would all this will end? But still something that keeps us going strong is the Hope…!
A hope that Syria will be a Peaceful State one day..!

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A Broken Friendship

Few friends come into your life by Lord’s grace. Never lose them, as losing them is like losing the Sorcerer Stone which holds the ability to make your life like gold, full of purity, shine and corrosion free. But what if you start losing them…?

A broken Friendship hurts way too painfully than a broken love…!




Sometimes, in life, we percieve illusions as reality and never try to understand the truth in life. We spend our life believing in illusions created by life or our loved ones and die without knowing the reality.

So, stop being prey to the illusionary world, and look at reality behind the facts. A small suspicious approach, along with positive approach, towards the life is necessary too, as it keeps you alert about the people and circumstances around you and you don’t become a victim to illusions…!